leather-jacket-690316_640Your leather and suede items are the most cherished. Avoiding any scuffs, difficult stages, and scrapes while preserving the original look is important. 

At Masters Dry Cleaners, we know these items require special processing to preserve their finish, feel and color.  Our team has years of experience in handling such cherishable items and do so in a professional manner. In the process of your suede or leather cleaning, stains and dirt are removed, and oils that have been lost through age and wear are restored. Making your garments look ageless. From jackets to purses and boots, we clean, waterproof and restore your leather and suede items. We also repair your items if needed. 

Unique items deserve unique handling. Master Dry Cleaners has years of experience in this service as well as cleaning service across Michigan. If you would allow Master Dry Cleaners to take care of your leather and suede needs, we will proudly keep your garments in tact and you coming back. 

Contact us or come in and experience our services first hand!