d73a136c51ce6d1d0223beb29a12b4d8Master Dry Cleaners is dedicated to making sure your drapes, curtains and variety of blinds are taken care of the correct way. We pre-test and inspect the fabric to determine the safest, most effective cleaning method for your drapes.

Make sure that you have your window hangings dry cleaned ONLY, and we have equipment made specifically for the cleaning of drapes, curtains and blinds.

We recommend to our customers to have their  drapes, curtains and blinds dry cleaned every two years, however, the environment in your home will determine when your drapes or curtains start to show soil.  Factors like the number of smokers in your home, your heating/cooling system and pets that share your home will effect the frequency with which you need to have your window hangings dry cleaned. 

You can actually double the life of your drapes, curtains and blinds simply by having them professionally cleaned every few years or as needed, which is relatively inexpensive when compared to replacement costs for these items.