Dry Cleaning Pickup in Traverse City

Master Dry Cleaners is a dry cleaning and shirt laundry solution for busy people. Our goal is to exceed the convenience expectations of today’s ‘time-challenged’ consumer.  To help us achieve that goal, Master Dry Cleaners has started a program where we offer a Free Drop off and Pick up service as a convenience for our Traverse City customers.

All you have to do is sign up for our pickup program. Our service person will drop off two blue VIP bags. All you need to do is leave the bags in the drop-off / pick-up location by 9:00am. Twice a week, we’ll pick up orders and deliver them back professionally cleaned, pressed to perfection, hung or folded, and ready to wear.

Please fill out the form below to Sign Up for our pickup service:

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*Terms and Conditions

  1. I authorize Master Dry Cleaners to bill my credit card for the purchase of paying my purchases at Master Dry Cleaners.
  2. I agree to notify Master Dry Cleaners of any changes in credit cards used or new expiration dates.
  3. I agree to pay for all collection and legal fees required to collect payment on delinquent account.
  4. Submission of this form authorizes Master Dry Cleaners to verify all information provided.